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Hydrogen, we are right there from the beginning

We protect your system!

Regardless of whether it is PEM, AEM, AEL or HTE electrolysis, we make your process safe. HEROSE is the first choice already for the water supply. We offer a wide range of globe valves made of corrosion resistant materials that are always cleaned and degreased before delivery. These can be used for high-purity water, lye systems and well as to control flows of hydrogen and oxygen. We pay particular attention to the nickel content of our housings to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. You can find more information here. 

Many electrolysers operate at elevated pressure. Pressures up to 50 bar are no challenge for our types

- 06011 and 06012 (for systems up to 1 MW)
- 06383 and 06440 (for systems up to 100 MW)

These safety valves offer the highest standard, which has been confirmed by numerous certifications such as CE, TPED and diverse ship classifications. The choice of material is particularly important. With our extensive incoming goods controls, we guarantee you only the best materials.

In HTE electrolysis systems, high temperatures are a challenge for valves. You thought we can only handle the cold, we can also handle warmth. Here too, our

- Safety valves for steam applications for temperatures from 150 °C to 200 °C

are the right choice. 

But our expertise doesn't stop with the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen. We also offer high-quality safety valves such as our HEROSE type 06810 for high pressures systems that occur after further compression of the hydrogen or oxygen. These safety valves operate at pressures up to 550 bar.

You have special requirements for your system or project, then get in contact with our experts. We will be happy to support you.

Also discover our full range of products for the hydrogen value chain – production, transport, storage or end usage. Find more information here. We are there at every step.