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    15. May 2024

    Our new customer magazine is online!

    The first 5 years of the operation of the first LNG cruise ship have successfully passed and now it is time for a little check up.

    10. April 2024

    Safety and efficiency at it’s best

    HEROSE presents the new check valve 05C02 in a top entry design.

    6. February 2024

    Valves for cryogenic air separation

    Cryogenic air separation is nowadays one of the most proven methods for separating air into its components on an industrial scale.

    14. December 2023

    Our new customer magazine is online!

    Do you know how biogas becomes bio-LNG? Read more about this and other topics in our current customer magazine.

    12. December 2023

    One product – many possibilities

    Vacuum insulated pipelines present us with some challenges, HEROSE has the solution.

    11. December 2023

    Technology for the energy transition

    There are around 17,000 biogas plants in Europe today and the number is constantly increasing. Methane liquefaction is a tried-and-tested option for all plant operators: liquid bio-LNG creates a climate-neutral fuel that gas trucks can fill up with. CO₂ liquefaction is also possible in the plant in order to use the CO₂ for industrial processes. In addition, CO₂ certificates are created that can be traded.

    6. December 2023

    Joining forces to serve the market best

    We combine our strengths and our know-how and set new standards in the industrial safety valve sector.

    20. September 2023

    Our new customer magazine is online!

    Yesterday, today, tomorrow - we look back on 150 years of HEROSE and what the future will bring in the area of alternative marine fuel. The new Lake Constance ferry is the first ferry powered exclusively by LNG.

    12. September 2023

    Ammonia as a carrier for transporting hydrogen

    Ammonia, a chemical compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, is considered an interesting option for future scenarios as a carrier for transporting hydrogen due to its properties. With the expected increase in hydrogen applications in the future, there is already an increasing demand for ammonia-capable valves. HEROSE products are ammonia ready!

    1. September 2023

    Hydrogen, we are right there from the beginning

    One of the most common processes to produce hydrogen is electrolysis. There are different technologies, whereby the basic principle is always the same: with the help of electricity, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. This is referred to as green hydrogen when renewable energy is used to generate the electricity required.

    31. August 2023

    We have something against instability

    With the increasing role of hydrogen in future renewable energy supply, valves resistant to extreme conditions become ever more important. The challenges are to handle pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures down to -255 °C.

    19. July 2023

    We are ready for UK!

    Our commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and safety: UKCA certification successfully obtained for HEROSE products.

    4. April 2023

    The current customer magazine is online!

    We have developed new products and adapted existing ones for hydrogen applications – our cover story gives you an overview of the possible applications.

    28. November 2022

    Leveraging strength to grow together

    For the transport of liquid, granular and powdery media, you will find the safety and the right technology here with us. A product that is reliable and durable because:

    26. July 2022

    LCV (Liquid Cylinder Valve) – Type 01950

    At HEROSE, we are constantly working on fulfilling the wishes of our customers - that's why we have extended our LCV range.

    HEROSE Type 01950 is now also available with medium and long bonnet extension.

    15. March 2022

    FullX-Ventil – Typ 11C01

    With its modular design, the FullX series enables flexible planning of your individual product as well as optimum installation in a vacuum-insulated system. Your cryogenically liquefied media is protected from unwanted rapid evaporation down to -269 °C.

Our press releases at a glance

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    27. March 2023

    World market leader from Bad Oldesloe makes history

    On 1 April 2023, the HEROSE Group celebrates its 150th anniversary and will celebrate this event with selected guests in the Hamburg Fish Auction Hall in June.