Built to endure
Extreme conditions

A rolling stone gathers no moss

For this reason, our engineers are constantly searching innovative solutions - e.g. against aggressive salt in seawater desalination plants. HEROSE safety valves made of seawater-resistant bronze show no signs of wear, even after many years.

Extreme conditions

Under zero we are the hero

Safety valves and control valves from HEROSE set worldwide standards in cryogenic technology. With ease of maintenance and durability. And with the claim to be made for you.

Extreme conditions

Under pressure we work best

Our high-performance valves can best display their outstanding qualities under pressure – for example, our high pressure safety valve protects systems up to 550 bar against exessive pressure.

Our product diversity

As different your needs, as diverse our products.

Valves are used in the most varied situations. Whether in heat or freezing cold, at sea, on land, for storage and transport. Our product selection is as diverse as the areas of application and requirements. So it will always fit perfectly!

Langer Pfeil

Our claim:
Built to endure

HEROSE is one of the leading manufacturers of valves for industrial applications in Europe. For 150 years we have been developing, producing and selling valves for cryogenic and industrial applications. When it comes to safety and the handling of technical gases, vapors and liquids, HEROSE is setting standards.

Our goal

  • Quality

    Our products are among the smallest details of your application that simply must be reliable. Although we guarantee a problem-free supply of spare parts, we do everything we can to ensure that you never need them.

  • Durability

    A valve becomes a HEROSE valve when it offers more than the competition. Exceeding market standards and norms is no coincidence, but a prerequisite for all our products from the outset.

  • Safety

    We ensure that our products function reliably even under extreme conditions. How? Through careful quality and functional tests, through the use of high-quality raw materials and with the help of innovative and practice-oriented solutions.

  • Customer focus

    We are active for you on three continents and in four time zones. Together with external representatives and service partners, we are available to you worldwide. With our international network, we guarantee short delivery routes and fast service.


Liquids can be separated with the addition of heat using a distillation process. An important criterion is the surface quality of the materials used. Depending on the area of application, HEROSE offers the use of stainless steel springs and the option of nickel-plating the fittings.

Compressed air

We can handle pressure. We offer an extensive product portfolio to reliably protect against overpressure. We protect systems up to 550 bar.


Thanks to its robustness, the HEROSE safety valves for pressure protection of the pneumatic drain function perfectly even under extreme operating conditions. In the field of liquids, there are above all, special requirements in the extraction of drinking and process water. But we have a solution for it.


Whether oxygen, argon, nitrogen, xenon or neon, each gas has its own characteristics. We have extensive know-how in the development and manufacture of cryogenic fittings for the storage, transport and processing of cryogenic technical gases. You benefit from this knowledge when we adapt products that have already proven themselves many times to your objectives or the special circumstances of your project.


Our complete range of valves for handling LNG in the low-temperature range includes the complete range of certified small-scale valves, which are a prerequisite for clean propulsion concepts at sea and on the road. ISO 10479 fire safety approval is available for a selection of the range.


Hydrogen is omnipresent when it comes to the energy transition. Hydrogen solutions are being relevant in more and more areas. HEROSE offers high-quality products along the entire value chain.

A solution for every requirement

Safety, service life and ease of maintenance have the highest priority for our valves and their areas of application. Whether in the low-temperature range, where extreme conditions have to be withstood, or in industrial applications, where the safety of machines and people is of highest importance, you can rely on us.

What's new

  • 1205
    20. September 2023

    Our new customer magazine is online!

    Yesterday, today, tomorrow - we look back on 150 years of HEROSE and what the future will bring in the area of alternative marine fuel. The new Lake Constance ferry is the first ferry powered exclusively by LNG.

  • 1198
    12. September 2023

    Ammonia as a carrier for transporting hydrogen

    Ammonia, a chemical compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, is considered an interesting option for future scenarios as a carrier for transporting hydrogen due to its properties. With the expected increase in hydrogen applications in the future, there is already an increasing demand for ammonia-capable valves. HEROSE products are ammonia ready!

  • 1195
    01. September 2023

    Hydrogen, we are right there from the beginning

    One of the most common processes to produce hydrogen is electrolysis. There are different technologies, whereby the basic principle is always the same: with the help of electricity, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. This is referred to as green hydrogen when renewable energy is used to generate the electricity required.

  • 1192
    31. August 2023

    We have something against instability

    With the increasing role of hydrogen in future renewable energy supply, valves resistant to extreme conditions become ever more important. The challenges are to handle pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures down to -255 °C.

  • 1169
    19. July 2023

    We are ready for UK!

    Our commitment to meeting the highest standards of quality and safety: UKCA certification successfully obtained for HEROSE products.

  • 973
    04. April 2023

    The current customer magazine is online!

    We have developed new products and adapted existing ones for hydrogen applications – our cover story gives you an overview of the possible applications.

Products at
the highest level

  • 596

    Safety Valve

    The HEROSE safety valves protect and secure pressure vessels and pipes against overpressure. As soon as the pressure has exceeded a maximum permissible limit, the safety valve comes into action and allows excess liquid or gases to flow out.

  • 597

    Change-over Valves

    Change-over valves enable processes to be exchanged or transitioned without interrupting the ongoing process chain. In the area of change-over valves, a distinction is made between diverter valves, diverter plug valves and change-over valves.

  • 595

    Gate Valve

    The main feature of the Cryogenic Gate Valve is the controlled opening and closing in pipes. Included in the product range are Globe Valves, Angle Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Fill Cluster, Ball Valves and Change-over Valves.

  • 705

    Control Fittings

    The required flow rate in the pipeline is controlled by a positioner. Now it is possible to throttle the flow to the desired amount. The control valves include pressure regulators and check valves.

  • 706


    Impurities are held back by a filter at the inlet and this protects the liquids or gases from contamination. Different mesh sizes make it possible to filter out a wide variety of substances.


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