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The HEROSE pressure regulator combines three functions: pressure build-up, economiser and safety function. Fewer valves and piping are required, which also saves costs. With combined pressure regulators, cryogenic liquefied technical gases such as nitrogen, oxygen or argon can be economically stored at constant pressure during operation.
The combined pressure regulator is available in DN20 and secure pressures up to 38 bar, at operating temperatures of -196°C to +200°C. The pressure regulator is manufactured in stainless with flow rates of 1,2 m3/h and 3,2 m3/h.

Please find the combined pressure regulator (control valve) in the product choice below.

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Type 4182 X1 Cryogenic-Pressure Regulator, bronze, PN50
Type 4182 X3 Cryogenic-Pressure Regulator, bronze, PN50
Type 4185 X1 Cryogenic-Pressure Regulator, brass, PN50
Type 4186 X1 Cryogenic-Pressure Regulator, stainless steel, PN50
Type 4186 X3 Cryogenic-Pressure Regulator, stainless steel, PN40
Type T118 Cryogenic Globe Valves with check unit, PN50
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