Valves for oil-immersed transformers - Transformer valve

HEROSE flanged gate valves are used to regulate the oil circulation in transformers. There is a wide variety of versions, designed for use at extreme temperatures down to -50° C, as well as for offshore applications.

HEROSE three-way valves provide a defined oil flow and therefore the controlled dissipation of heat within oil-immersed transformers. The defined setting of the flow direction enables the isolation of contaminated oil in transformers with a multiple chamber system and continued operation of the transformer at a lower power.

HEROSE outlet valves made from bronze and seawater-resistant bronze are used on oil-immersed transformers for the safe removal of oil samples for quality checks.

HEROSE ball valves are ideally suitable for handling neutral gases and liquids, mineral oil products and alkalis, as well as corrosive liquids and gases.

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