Type 01341 - Globe Valve
Cryogenic Globe Valves

Stainless steel body and topwork "live loaded" gland packing

Part No. 01341.0219.001* (H=560), PN20/25
Part No. 01341.0219.006* (H=1000), PN20/25

*Butt weld connection for stainless steel pipes acc. to ISO 1127 or ASTM A312

Part No. 01341.0219.00*4, PN25
Socket weld connection for stainless steel pipes acc. to ISO 1127 or ASTM A312
In flow direction, the valve with the nominal size DN200 is conform to tightness class L1 up to 12 bar maximum differential pressure acc. to DIN 12567 for LNG use. This standard can also be used for the tightness class of other cryogenic gases.

Available options - on request only

Approved for air gases, vapours and cryogenic liquefied gases incl. LNG.
Working temperature: -196°C / -321°F (77K) up to +120°C / +248°F (393K)

Type 01341 - Globe Valve




1 Body 1.4308 A 351 CF8
2 Valve seal PTFE
3 Disc 1.4301 A 276 Grade 304
4 Bonnet gasket PTFE
5 Headpiece 1.4301 A 276 Grade 304
6 Bolts 1.4301/A2 A 194 B8
7 Elongation tube 1.4541 A 213 TP 321
8 Stem 1.4301 A 276 Grade 304
9 Gland packing Graphite / PTFE / MICA
10 Gland nut 1.4305 A 276 Grade 303
11 Handwheel 1.4571 A 313 Grade 316Ti
13 Bush CW452K B 159 UNS C51900

Type 01341 - Globe Valve

Type 01341 - Standard designTechnical data
Nominal sizeDN200
Dimension code.X.0219
Face-to-face dimensionFF560
Outside pipe-Ø ISO 1127RA219.1
Wall thickness pipe ISO 1127a6.3
Outside pipe-Ø ASTM A312RA219.1
Wall thickness pipe ASTM A312adimensions acc. to S10 or S40
Socket depthb15
Wrench size across flatsS1 30
Wrench size across flatsS2 65
Weightca. kg135
Dimensions in mm.