HEROSE – "Hamburg's best employer"

Since 2015 and again this year our company has been awarded the accolade of "Hamburg's Best Employer" as part of the City’s ceremonial awards presentation. The basis for this award came from the company providing "excellence in the field of being accomodating in both the private and professional life of all employees" with surveys from employees also forming the basis of the award.

Dirk Zschalich, the Managing Director of HEROSE GmbH sees the renewed tribute, in particular, as justified .... "by the fact that for many years we have succeeded in meeting the needs of our employees in all departments quickly without complications and hence by combining the private and professional requirements in a manner that is beneficial to us all".

Human Resources Manager Helmut Lucka also added: "We always try to lessen the impact of personal issues before they arise. In such cases when both our colleagues are not inhibited by private problems they also able to meet our joint expectations and take pleasure in their daily work".

Award for HEROSE: Managing Director Dirk Zschalich
and Human Resources Manager Helmut Lucka (right)

The "Hamburg's Best Employer" competition was launched in 2009 by Prof. Werner Barges from the Hamburg Helmut-Schmidt University, the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, alster radio 106.8 and the Hamburger Abendblatt (newspaper). The awards were based on surveys conducted among qualified employees and managerial staff and standardised audits. Prizes are awarded to the top-scoring companies with the "Hamburg's best employer" seal of approval.