Transformer manufacturers rely on the guaranteed quality of HEROSE valves

The ambitious climate targets of the energy revolution are a great challenge for all involved. The locations where energy is needed and the place in which it is generated are often far apart. Seawater and weather-resistant valves must smoothly and dependably control the cooling circulation of transformers to ensure the power supply.

Technical availability is our primary objective, so that all wind farms can utilise the wind which is available offshore as planned. At the same time, sophisticated onshore projects demand our attention for the further development of existing solutions.

HEROSE valves for oil-cooled transformers have proven themselves for decades in heavy-duty use for electricity generation and distribution – worldwide. Because of this, many transformer manufacturers rely on the legendary HEROSE quality, which is guaranteed by careful selection of materials and continuous quality controls.

Practical experiences: About oil in the transformer

A large quantity of oil is used between the coils and windings of a transformer as an insulation and cooling agent. In order to be able to inspect and control this oil, various valves and cocks are required. Depending on the size and type of transformer, the oil may flow through several chambers. The chambers are connected by pipelines and can be shut off from each by using valves.

Transformers are filled and emptied through gate valves at the top and bottom of the transformer. In order to prevent moisture from collecting on the inside of the transformer during the filling process, filling is performed under a vacuum. Moisture or condensation in the oil would cause a short circuit in the transformer.
Transformers with multi-chamber systems are fitted with three-way valves or two-way cocks. The cocks are used to divert and to regulate the oil flow through the transformer.

Unlike grey cast iron and cast steel fittings, HEROSE red brass fittings have the benefit of being resistant to both rust and temperatures as low as minus 50°C.

Most common products:
Valves for oil-immersed transformers

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